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Holiday and upcoming releases Empty Holiday and upcoming releases

Post  Lisa on Fri Nov 11, 2011 2:07 pm

I forgot to mention what I've planned for the rest of this year in my previous post, since I was too busy blabbing away, LOL.

I have my sister and her whole family coming to spend Christmas with us this year. I'm really excited, but also trying NOT to panic and stress out, too. We've had several different redecorating projects started and left in various stages over the summer, mostly because of all the time I've spent working as of late. So we've had to start finishing those up and then really deep clean, ('cause my sister is a total clean freak--me, not so much!) and then prepare for the crazy pre-Christmas shopping once they arrive. (They've got 3 kids under 10, and they'll have to do all their Santa shopping when they get here, so, yeah!) Anyway, LOTS going on in December for me. My goal is to get everything done by the first week of December and then just manage releases here and there.

So far, I've planned to release a Classics bundle on Black Friday (only available for a month and then they're retired forever), consisting of 10 of my older kits that I chose not to re-release, all for $10. So, a buck a kit, that's a pretty good deal for newbies and bargain hunters. I'm considering selling them separately for $2 also, so those who don't want them all can choose, but not save as much. Here's a quick peek at a few of the kits included. I can set it up so you can download them individually if there are any that you like. They ARE older, and show my various stages of know-how with CS2. But there might be some things in there you might like, and if you don't mind making a LO for the kits you download, feel free to snag whichever one's appeal to you. Smile I'll get these up this weekend, so check back. (These are optional, so don't stress if you don't have time!)

Holiday and upcoming releases Sampler

So, the Classics bundle will be released on Black Friday, with some sort of sale at CatScrap. I have a couple of fonts that need finishing and an alphabet brush set (the wispy, hand-written one I used for the wordart in the Fall Woodland kit.) This week I hope to finish up some card templates for the holidays, and will start this weekend on my Shop Till You Drop Kit for the TDC for Black Friday, also. But no definite dates on releases yet--I'll post dates when I know for sure.

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